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Music DVD "Kimono beaT" (English)

 2,220円 (税込)
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¥2,220 including shipping fee to any country. To buy this DVD in English via PayPal safely, please open THIS FORM.

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DVD "Kimono beaT" 

Trailer 1 (Dramatic BGM ver.)




Trailer 2 (Original sound ver.)




# 4 tracks


1. Japanese MV (Full ver.) 
" Now, on the Earth… as it was promised before "



2. English MV (Short ver.) " The One Shiny Drop "



3. English MV (Full ver.)  " The One Shiny Drop "



4. Japanese MV (Short ver.) 
" Now, on the Earth… as it was promised before "


#What is " The One Shiny Drop " ?

The One Shiny Drop is our inner divine energy of love. 

#What a kind of music?
The song has been arranged into four different mixes, within the Electro-Pop genre.  



Hand-sign performers " Kimono beaT " !!



ASL (American Sign Language) teacher: Peggy L. Prosser




#Who create the music?

All tracks were performed and produced by Kumiko Mouri (Japanese singer & song writer), remixed and co-produced by Mauro Arrighi (Italian composer, sound and visual designer). 

All the songs were sung in Japanese and English by Kumiko Mouri. 


 Vocal & Chorus: Kumiko Mouri

Kimono beaT is a project by Kumiko Mouri; it's a unit production studio for music, movies and hand-sign dance with Kimono.
Kumiko Mouri original compositions, along with vocal sessions for other authors, have been released on 16 CDs with 5 major labels and 3 independent ones.
Kumiko Mouri has released several CDs for Polydor Records, Vap inc., MCA Victor, Universal Victor, Teichiku Records, Vivid sounds and other labels since 1989.

Sound designers: Mauro Arrighi / Kumiko Mouri


Mauro Arrighi is not only a sound and visual artist, but also a movie maker and lecturer.

He has been active in the Academia lecturing Media Art at various universities in Italy, Japan, UK, and US, focusing on contemporary Japanese artists and their relationship with animism.

Mauro Arrighi has published a book on 2011 about the influence of Shinto on contemporary Japanese media-art: "Japanese Spell in Electronic Art". (It's on sale at Amazon.) 

He has released 2 singles and 4 albums on iTunes Store since 2013.



#Some technical and spiritual acknowledgements.  
All the songs were composed being tuned at 528kHz on C3 with the intent to heal and cheer up your body, mind and soul.

This album is dedicated to the cause of World peace, a means of reaching universal harmony.

We thank you all for accepting our love towards you, which is brought to you also through this DVD.


Blessings and respects from:

Kumiko Mouri, Mauro Arrighi, Toshiro Yoshioka, 
and Kimono beaT's All Stars.  (^_^)/  





Yuigahama, Kamakura city on 11th Feb 2015,

and Senzoku-Haichiman shrine on 15th Aug 2015.



#Casts and staffs


5 Mikos - Hand sign performers:

Kumiko Mouri

Machiko Yamaguchi

Keiko Endou

Mayumi Ishikawa 
Asako Tanaka



7 Mikos - Back dancers:

Angel Kumi

Tamae Suzunan


Tomoko Adachi

Anurag Veera

Yoshiko Mangala

Kaori Saito

Male special guest:

Ryuji Tuchi



Female special guests: 

Atsumi Okuma

Sakiko Sonoda



Make up artist:
Aki Sato

Production designer:

Sakiko Sonoda (Studio No.111 BLOOM)


Akemi Tamashima (Studio No.111 BLOOM) 


Tarao Fuguta (Studio No.111 BLOOM)
Natsuo Kawase (Studio No.111 BLOOM)




Director of photography:

Toshiro Yoshioka


Movie edited by:

Toshiro Yoshioka

Mauro Arrighi





Song composer:

Akio Miyagawa


Japanese lyric writers:  

Urayasu Shimizu

Nami Atago


English lyric writers:

Kumiko Mouri

Akeyo Ishikura





Camera operator:

Toshiro Yoshioka



Mauro Arrighi



Kumiko Mouri



Manufactured by Kimono beaT


 Kimono beaT DVD cover (back)




DVD's Photos, Drawing, and Design by Mauro Arrighi 




Facebook photo album 1 (11th Feb 2015)

Click → English MV "The One Shiny Drop"

Facebook photo album 2 (15th Aug 2015)
Click → Japanese MV " Now, it's time and the planet which we promised before

Click → Facebook page " Kimono beaT "




#The importance of “number one” and its permutations and combinations.

As you will see in the movie: there were "11 Dancing Mikos” on the shore, not a "12 Angry Men". 
Now, Miko means priestess in Shinto; women who serves at the shrines but, being a Kimono beaT's Miko has a quite different meaning and life-mission, which is unrelated to religious activities as such.  

As it might be already well known, the number 11 means: "Spiritual messengers", "Dreams come true” and… "The high priestess connected to the universe".

On the 11th of February 2015, we encountered (during the shooting of the video) the synchronicity of 11 so often, for example:

- the name of the studio where we were based for the production is “Studio No.111 BLOOM”.

- we spotted the number "1111" on several car plates and signboards while roaming around the location. 


- as said before: only 11 dancers could gather at that day (February 11th) for the shooting.


- and then… just 11 "Nankin-Tamasudare" (see the picture below) could be brought by chance at the gathering place.


Wait! Was it only "by chance"? 

No, as our English lyrics mentions:


" ‘cause not by chance, it's your fate."





The Japanese version of this page counts " 211 " English words, which means:


" Your dreams come true beyond thoughts with supporting Goddesses. "

¥2,220 including shipping fee to any country. To buy this DVD in English via PayPal safely, please open THIS FORM.



Music DVD "Kimono beaT" (English)の感想やオススメするメッセージをお寄せください

モーリン 公美子

夢の中を飛べ ! 自分を含めた地球全体の意識覚醒めざして !



音楽映像プロデューサー・シンガーソングライター・手話舞プロジェクト Kimono beaT 代表

*\(^o^)/* 1989年〜 メジャーCD&インディCDを計16枚リリース
作詞・作曲・編曲ニックネーム ⇒毛利公美子 / Maureen モーリン

2001年〜 逗子ハーモニー「心と体の学校」認定セラピストとなる

2005年〜 自宅開業ブログ「心身デトックス de 右脳開発@美肌ダイエット・カフェ」Open

2006年〜 倭史の謎解きミステリー・ツアー▲ヒミコ育成塾 Start

2013年〜 日本フラワー風水協会:認定講師となる

2015年 映画監督の吉岡敏朗氏、大学教授のマウロ・アリッギ氏、手話コーチの山口まち子女史らと「内なる光」を表す手話舞プロジェクト「Kimono beaT」を創立

2016年 「Kimono beaT」主演の手話舞DVDをリリース



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