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Thank you for visinting our reservation form! 

To reserve a treatment,  


 1. Select "10% discount for New customer" if you are new vistor. If you are not, please select "booking"

 2. A calendar will be displayed with available times (ex 10:00), please click the desired dates and time you would like.

 3. please complete and submit(予約を確定する)the booking form.


When you book, you are submitting a booking request to elieoZen.
This does not mean that your request has automatically been accepted.
elieoZen usually responds within a couple hours.

If your booking request is accepted, you will receive an email confirmation.






We want to provide services to get your own beauty that is not influenced by others.
Spa therapies(graceful aging care)

*French state qualification aesthetician (certificat d’aptitude professionelle)
*CIDESCO international aesthetician (32 countries worldwide certification)
*Japan Aesthetic Association Certified Advanced Aesthetician
*Cosmetic Ingredient Association Advanced Senior Specialist The history and philosophy of elieoZen are intrinsically linked to the vision of an extraordinary woman with a ravenous passion for Japanese and French natural beauty and traditional massages.

Noriko ELIE, I am a founder and licensed esthetician in France traveled the France and the globe in search of natural beauty and healing methods.

I have worked at the French No1 Spa brand "Cinqmondes"in Paris, I was impressed with European natural therapies and French women who are very natural and age gracefully.

When I came back to Japan, I worked for Guerlain and for various natural beauty brands, in my opinion,beauty in Japan was different from what I had seen of female beauty in France.

But I am convinced that Japanese beauty and treatment are very advanced and effective for women over 40 years old.

I founded elieoZen, my own spa, offering the best natural and efficient treatments of the japan and Europe to recreate the concept 【Graceful Aging】

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