Hello, Thank you for visiting my page.

I’m Naoko.

Since I was a child, I had been having a deep longing for leaving this planet and coming back to the source.
Living in 3D had been a big challenge for me.
So my quests began.

Why am I feeling this way?

Why do I need to live, anyway?

What is the purpose of it?

The universe helped me by giving some tools such as Biodanza, Bio-energy Healing and Voyager Tarot.

helped me being within my physical body and taking care of it.
We just allow our body to move to the music.
When we dance, our body, emotion... everything moves.
We are aware of Life most when we dance!

Bio-energy Healing helped me to see my challenges and traumas with clearer and wider perspectives.
It made me more grounded and stronger to walk through my path.
Most of all, I learned how to love and accept myself in this life.

Voyager Tarot…!
It is nothing but a fun!

It is a way to create our life, it is more than a fortune telling.
Choosing and looking the cards, we open portals to our possibilities.
Then we can choose the most adequate next steps in a concrete way.

Now I became a practitioner of those methods.
I’m feeling tremendous joy to support and guide your soul journey!

Bio-Energy Healing

Spiritual growth
Resolving emotional, mental issues and life challenges
Releasing tensions and anxieties

8800 yen / 60 minutes

Session Procedures:

1. Counseling: about 20 minutes

Please share the reasons of your coming to the session, your joy and your challenges.
I may use Voyager Tarot in case it may be helpful.
Talking is also energy-work. Some energy blockage would already resolve during this talking session.

2. Healing: about 40 minutes

You would lie down comfortably on your bed or sofa.
I will work on your chakras and aura field to cleanse, charge, balance, reconstruct..etc. according to your energetic needs.
I may share some messages I have during this healing mode.

3. After the session:

I recommend you to relax and go easy during the day and keep hydrated.

* This is online sessions. We will use Zoom.
Time and space doesn't matter when we connect energetically.

We all are within the universal energy...

For reservations:

Please send three preferred days of yours via inquiry form below.
I will reply to you as soon as possible.

I can so highly recommend Naokos ability to create an open safe space. She has a delicate, sensitive gift.
I felt completely seen & honored & the session was so affirming. It restored me to me.😍💜

You are so beautiful through and through and that is not it! The beauty that you are able to share and connect with others is phenomenal, totally recommend to anyone who want to try. This is a rare gem. A.S

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